by Zenon Dorje and team (Joanne and Jaap and others)

We live in a time of great change and awakening of consciousness on a mass scale. We recognize immensity of wounds and traumas accumulated over the past millennia by all humanity and how this affects individuals.
We see how much work is needed to purify and transform negative emotions. We begin to understand that it is not enough to concentrate on positive experiences, trying to keep on high vibrations. That we also need to bend over our own personal shadow, unresolved issues from the past, to release what has been suppressed, rejected or wounded within us.

More advanced part of humanity is in process of descending the spirit into the body. Bringing the light of consciousness into the dark, animal, dense levels of the body. The purpose of this journey is to unite into One, unite what is lowest with what is highest. Achieving the spirituality of the body. The fullest expression of embodied Spirit.
Our body is a reflection of the entire universe. It accumulates the record of experiences of the collective evolution of not only this planet. This body is a living library, an accumulation of DNA from many other worlds and dimensions. This is because the richness of life, which exists in the entire cosmos, penetrates everywhere and melt with each other, moving information streams through dimensions and worlds.

Personal underground structures

Going down into the dense dark regions of our body, we discover a lot of suppressed emotions, wounds, a history of suffering and deep layers of lust, anger and primordial, animal power. We confront ourselves with the instinctive, uncivilized, wild sides of ourselves. Parts within us that are rejected, not accepted by the environment and ourselves.
The inner space of our body hides dormant structures that most people usually do not have access to.
Energetic structures that arose from accumulated personal experiences at different times, in different bodies and in different dimensions. Not only human and animal bodies. The personal level permeates with the collective level. Our DNA stores evolutionary relics from various stages of evolution. In these layers of the body, the primeval, wild power is dormant. We know how great physical strength animal bodies have. This force exists within us, contained in internal layers.

Usually these structures are so deeply suppressed and cut off that we do not have contact with them. Separated, they lead a hidden life within us. They are often identify with their suffering, holding resentment. Usually they accumulate a lot of suppressed anger and lust.
From these hidden aspects rise mechanisms of the inner shadow: victimhood and perpetrator, aggression, revenge and self-destruction.
Even if they are dormant and inactive, they lower our vibrations. They can become a source of depression and internal disorders. Some of them are not completely dormant. They want to satisfy their desires in the night, when our consciousness is asleep.

Transformation of the Inner Darkness

Is it possible that we are happy when someone is suffering around us? Usually not. And what if a part that is hidden inside of us is deeply unhappy and suffering? A part of us that is condemned and rejected. Hiding in shadow or darkness, not to be hurt again. As long as we have inside of us suppressed parts, that suffer, hate themselves and everything around them, there will be lots of problems.
Those aspects will sabotage our lives, destroy what we have built.
Liberating inner structures, we also unlock our frozen, disconnected power. The power contained in dark, dense structures which are holding old wounds, suppressed anger, lust, guilt and shame.
By learning unconditional acceptance, we can raise these structures up, feeding them with bliss and love. During this process all the dark, negative aspects of us can be accepted, saturated with light and connected with the heart. They will be gradually connected with the higher aspects of our self, joining the stream of high vibrational energy.
After integration, they will become our guardians and allies.

Temple space of the Great Mother

These internal structures below the level of the first chakra were discovered many years ago in personal experience. They were called Underground. Over the years of exploration and practice, we have developed effective methods to heal and integrate them.
Methods include tantric practices and ceremonies and ritual body work sessions from the temple arts tradition of matriarchy.
During the workshop, we will create a sacred and safe space for the activation  and transformation of our underground structures.
At the center of this process is the spiritual female archetype of the Great Mother, who transmits unconditional love. Feeding and embracing all her children without evaluating or setting any conditions.

Some of the benefits of the workshop experience:
  • Releasing and healing old blockages and wounds stored in the body
  • Transforming the inner shadow and internal obstacles into bliss and power
  • Activating the hidden life power that brings greater vitality, health and longevity
  • Discovering new hidden areas of ourself
  • Merging consciousness, spirit and body into one
  • Permanent integration of repressed parts of individuality
  • More power, manifesting itself on a daily basis as a driving force
  • Deeper grounding in everyday life and more ease at the material level
For whom? Important!
  • For people who have previous experience with sacred sexuality and tantra, and with the bodywork of temple arts
  • For people who have experience in work with an individual and collective shadow
  • Suitable for people ready for change, awakening and transformation
  • Healed mental illnesses or disorders (bi-polar disease, borderline, depression, schizophrenia etc)
Additional information:
  • Dress during the workshop: pareo.
  • There is nudity on this retreat. Sex is not a part of curruculum.
  • We are responsible for our experience, constantly deciding on the degree of involvement in the workshop situation.
  • At any time, you can stop the session or practice, giving yourself space for integration and distance.
  • The workshop supports us in entering personal power and autonomy. Guided by intuition and heart, we decide ourselves whether we are participating in some practice and within what limits.
    Organisation details:

    Date: 28 February – 6 March 2020, from Friday 7 pm to Friday 1 pm
    Venue: Centrum voor Zingeving in Luttelgeest
    Investment: Early Bird  – 700 eu plus 300 eu accomodation & food
     300 eu transfer payment (nonrefundable). Bank account details will be provided after registration.