The restoration of sacredness in our sexual energy

Invite the restoration of sacredness within our own sexual energy, our relationships and our physical bodies.

One-Day-workshop to explore the dance of life-force energy and cosmic energy

We will actively invite a deeper vertical connection to divine energy as well as a restoration of the marriage between the energy of the divine and our sexual energies. This will allow our bodies to more fully embrace this unity of divine energy and life force expressing itself through sexuality.

This journey begins with a oneday workshop where we will explore this our vertical connection and the dance between lifeforce energy and cosmic energy, learning how to bring these two together. 

We each have our own history and ancestral background in our sexual patterns

On this day we will include:

  • energy work and dance to awaken our life force – sexual energy. 
  • examine the collective, ancestral and our own personal background of our sexual patterns and blockages
  • healing work to release and rewrite the patterns stored in our bodies
  • assist in creating healthy contained boundaries and at the same time a free flow of energy
  • bringing higher consciousness down in the body
  • experiencing the sacredness of our sexual energy
  • bringing higher light frequency into our physical structures 

This workshop is for everyone who desires a liberation of their sexual energies within the containment of their divine alignment,  so that we may speak of a true sacred sexuality.

The workshop is facilitated by Gary Joplin and Joanne van Wijgerden.

Gary Joplin is an international expert in somatic training and embodiment, as well as a professional choreographer and stage director. Drawing on a fusion of theatrical work and innovative embodiment studies, Gary brings a unique combination of practical physical knowledge with a playful sense of energetic mastery to the world of integrative body and mind practices.

With over 30 years of experience in the professional world of theater and dance, both as a creator and performer, Gary utilizes the transformational potential of artistic exploration with the alignment and clarity of many years of embodied meditative practices to guide people into deeper states of inner awareness, opening doors to more expanded physical, emotional, and subtle perception.  His work masterfully synchronizes body, mind and emotional states, to allow for a great coherence and alignment. 

As a Gyrokinesis®, Meditation and Body Mind Awareness specialist, Gary conducts training courses and workshops in Europe, Israel, China and the United States.  He is a Visiting Master in somatic practices for The Octave Institute in China, and a member of the faculty for the School of Life Therapists in Holland, as well as the Academy of Inner Science in Germany.  His playful precision softly invites people into a deeper synchronicity within their own bodies, awakening clarity, grounded vitality, and powerful embodied potential.

Gary Joplin

“We are ready for a new, healthy balance, with an unwinding of the corrections we made out of  in response to our family systems, and our ancestral and cultural backgrounds.

We are ready for a new, more subtle connection to our bodies. Connecting more to our lightbodies and merging our lightbodies with our physical body. This will reveal a body consciousness that heightens our capacity to experience ecstasy.

We are also ready for a new recognition of the divine aspect of our beingness. We are able to bring more of our divinity or God-source into our hearts and bodies. This alignment truly will assist us to acknowledge the sacredness of who we are.”

Practical Information:

Date: January 9th 2022 from 10 am-6 pm.

Location:, de Prana zaal.

Language: English

Costs: 225 euro including 21% VAT.

Including: coffee, tea and water. Lunch you can either bring yourself or have your lunch in the Heart-cafe

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This one day workshop, wil have a follow-up of two days on March 26th-27th 2022.