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You can FEEL your own connection to feeling more INNER FREEDOM. These feelings assist US to create New Platforms of Creative Learning and reveal new possibilities and potentials for Living in Harmony together in a supportive Learning Community.

You can facilitate further connection to your Hybrid Alliance, Future child selves, Inner Earth, and Other Dimensional Civilizations. These aspects of US are able to offer you remembrances to your personal energy resources.
You can facilitate your own Empathic Conversations, through attuned Sound and Sensory communication. This can assist your connection to the collective consciousness of our NEW conscious multi dimensional Next Generation of Young Old Souls.

You can explore alternative ways to View, Feel and See Life Being highlighted through interactions with “sensitive, awesome, creative autistic and new consciousness children”.
You can re-enable your access to your own child-self imagination, embody the energies of purity, innocence and joy to facilitate your own navigational tools and creator-ship.

Our own children are already gently, vibrantly TelEmpathically guiding you through their Merkaba Fields. Together WE ARE intertwined within the NEW WAVE of collective consciousness within a higher love vibration.
These fields carry new information through holographic transfer, light language and downloads which highlight, inspire and innovate humanity for the ways, in which, YOU can assist and support each other in UNITY, COMPASSION & BENEVOLENCE.

More intuitive guidance can be self realized to create the new platforms and environments of 5th dimensional Living for the Planet. This NEW CONSCIOUSNESS guides US and our Next Generation and reveals the new experiential ways of learning we can bridge through Co-operative Living in “togetherness”. All can assist the collaboration between our own density states of BEing.
ARE YOU READY to discover the multiple ways this NEW energy could be grounded and anchored through your physical body and through a NEW physical platform?

The Awakening of our Lighter bodies facilitates further Contact with our own Inner Child, Source Guidance and our own Soul Family collective Entourage.
Our invitation is explore these new gateways of awareness, Source energy downloads and transitions together within a safe environment of “Togetherness”.
During this workshop YOU can research the practical applications which can then be applied to allow your multi dimensional selves to guide YOU. Guided transmissions can assist you to Unfold your own personal next steps in anchoring 5th dimensional energy alongside highly conscious inspirational Next Generation. You can feel the fullest sensations of surrender to reveal “even deeper” layers of your own conscious knowing.

Your future in the NOW awaits YOU..

Please Join US and bring along your own Inner Child to explore in Group Unison a Voyage of Discovery in “Togetherness” …

(In holographic partnership with Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies.)