Please Join US and bring along your own Inner Child to explore in Group Unison

Many of us NOW are “Conscious” parents, guardians, practitioners, co- facilitators, and family therapists of our Awesome NEW GENERATION of CHILDREN Old Souls.We are exploring alongside with you NEW UPDATES to receive both your own Personal and our Group Telepathic,

Empathic guidance. Resourcing our deeper feelings of Empowerment in Unison:-We are feeling a deeper coalition in our “togetherness” as an Inter Generational Family Soul Groups. Within these collective family groups our awareness is enhanced and amplified. We are able to explore even deeper layers of NEW WAVES of consciousness side by side. We can manifest New Earth innovations and bring forward “new solutions” within 5th dimensional energies in partnership together.

Join Joanne and Helena (von Nuding) who are Master Facilitators in these fields following several decades of immersion within intentional Multi Dimensional, Multi Cultural, Inter-Generational Co-Living, International Group Gatherings and Workshops.
We are a collaborative team co facilitating alongside each other as multi dimensional inter generational Soul Family members.

Are you ready to reveal?

Your own deeper connection to your inner child. Unlocking further revelations of both the original and updated divine blueprint you carry within your own DNA structure memory guidance. Unlocking any frozen aspects to further facilitate your own sensory communication systems.

Your own access to Energetic holograms, akashic records and alternative communication systems whilst feeling this expanded re-connection which can assist YOU in the creation of making NEW journeys and choices in your LIFE.

You can consciously ReBirth your Own Inner child and Integrate these aspects of you into your fuller more comprehensive Wise Old Soul Self.

You can upgrade your connective TelEmpathic abilities with groups of children or as a facilitator, therapist and mediator in family mediation.

You can further facilitate the restructuring of Soul family constellation templates through integrating more multidimensional quantum awareness into your conscious every day living.

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Place and time

The workshop will be Ingen (Gelderland),Ganzert 32 site buiding, 4031 KC. Costs 245 euro per person.

Dates Saturday and Sunday February 9th and 10th.
The workshop will be in English with Dutch translation (when requested).

Time Day 1: 10.30am- 5.30 pm   Day 2: 10 am- 5 pm

Lunch during these days will be a vegetarian potluck (everyone brings their favourite food and we share it)

Some blogs to read, written by Helena.

Background Joanne (in Dutch)    Background Helena